Who are we?

We are a group of innovative mechanical engineers creating designs for machinery used in the automotive and aerospace industries with particular focus on the electric motors, electronics, speed reducers and batteries in Electric Vehicles.  Although we are an Australian company most of the work on electric vehicles is carried out in China Thailand and India.  When this Pandemic started all of us saw the Chinese and the Thais immediately start to wear face masks. 

Much of our work involves the extreme packaging challenges associated with delivering high performance motors, gear boxes, electronic controls, battery management systems and batteries within the complex geometry of an EV.

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Discomfort of wearing a mask all day during COVID19 got us thinking about

better ways to maintain safety, but also comfort and convenience.

Living in Asia, we were particularly aware of the discomfort associated with wearing masks particularly for older people and particularly in the hot humid Thai weather.  We was also acutely aware of the fact that although they protect the outward spread of respiratory viruses they do not protect the wearer from becoming infected.

We began to study exactly why most masks were unsafe and uncomfortable and to see if there were ways of improving them.

We found leakage of seals to the face, poor filtration efficiency, hot humid breath, rebreathing of carbon dioxide, fogging up of glasses, cost, disposal of waste, poor supply chains, feeling of claustrophobia, stress on lungs and heart as being the most obvious.  The most obvious way of removing these faults involved our core expertise of optimizing the performance of motors electronics and batteries.  We could deliver well filtered air behind any type of mask and remove all of these problems.




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After a number of prototypes and trials we developed the AIRIN Smart-shield.  


This product is currently under development and will be available to purchase in August 2020 please register for updates and qualify for a 20% discount voucher.